Division of National Commissions


Audrey Azoulay

In 2014, as an advisor on culture to the President of the French Republic, she notably initiated the development of a protection plan for heritage in danger, which she was able to implement in 2016 as Minister of Culture and Communication. She has also prioritized improving children’s access to culture with the launch of artistic and cultural education school programmers “Creation en course” and created innovative cultural outreach programmed for people in remote and vulnerable areas “Microfolies”.


With a longstanding commitment in favor of inter cultural and intergenerational dialogue to advance education for all and the dissemination of scientific and cultural knowledge, she is determined to maintain this commitment as the head of UNESCO.


She will spare no effort in ensuring that UNESCO fulfills its universal mandate fully in promoting values of humanism and openness and serving as a driving force in the United Nations system. The Organization is to achieve this by serving as an intellectual forum for the world of tomorrow, and as a standard-setter that will help society advance, as well as serving as an expert agency contributing to the dissemination of knowledge to the greatest number of people worldwide.


According to Audrey Azoulay, “none of the major challenges facing the world today can be met by any one country on its own without relying on the fundamental pillars of science, education and culture. Thus, UNESCO can and must fully participate in a world order based on multiculturalism and humanist values.”

Governing Bodies


Dra. Maria Luisa Stringa

Honorary Founder President

Actual President WFUCA

India ( CUCAI )

President UNESCO Napal


Dr. George Christophides

Dr. Dhirendra Bhatnagar

Dr. Pradeep Kaphale

World Embassy ( Cede In Mexico )

Dra. Harriet Turner

ID: 01-777-WX

The Secretariat consists of the Director-General and the Staff appointed by him or her. As of mid-2017, the Secretariat employed around 2,000 civil servants from some 170 countries. The staff is divided into Professional and General Service categories. More than 700 staff members work in UNESCO's 65 field offices around the world.

The Division of The World Federation of Club's Centers and Associations brings together activities in favor of entities with a complementary role to that of governments.


It is composed of the Section of National Commissions and Related Networks; The Section of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO); The Participation Program Section (PPE) and the Section of Principal Officials authorized.


The Permanent Delegations  ensure liaison between Member States' Governments and the Organization’s Secretariat.


At present, 183 Member States have established Permanent Delegations . In addition, there are 3 Permanent Observers and 10 intergovernmental organizations with Permanent Observer Missions.


The Permanent Delegations are headed by a person having diplomatic status (generally with the rank of ambassador Harriet Turner for America ). When a Permanent Delegate is appointed to the Organization, the appointment is the subject of an official communication addressed.


Broad consultations are held regularly with the Permanent Delegations on important matters concerning the Organization's functioning and its activities.

Structure in (America)

Authorized Commissioners for America

Authorized Executives

Dr. Alexander Gonzalez Slim

Inter-institutional Commissioner


Dr. Gerardo Martín Gonzalez Lopez


Lic. Maria de Lourdes Baez


Dr. Maria del Socorro Cortez Mayorga


Lic. Jorge Tenorio Jimenez


Director of Science and Technology Development.


State Agent,  Veracruz Mexico.


President of the Senior Adult Academy México


Director Social Communication and Press

Teléfono en Mexico +1 (52) 5513282910



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