Federation of Clubs, Centers and Associations for UNESCO WFUCA.

Since the first UNESCO Club was founded in Japan in 1947, UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations have been valuable partners for the Organization.

Members of the club movement, who are all volunteers, include people of all ages and nationalities from all walks of life. share a commitment to UNESCO's ideals and work to translate them into reality on the ground. Members are therefore well placed to present the views of civil society to decision-makers. In the half century that the UNESCO Clubs movement has existed, the world has witnessed a wide range of events related to each of UNESCO's fields of competence.

In 2010, the movement included some 3,800 associations, centers and clubs for UNESCO in more than 80 countries around the world.

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WFUCA - President Georges Christophides

Directors of UNESCO WFUCA USA and donation of water technologies TW

WFUCA 33rd Session of E B in Italy 2013

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Harriet Turner en In Motion Fest 2020

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