Fraud alert

Fraud alert.

In recent dates, people outside our organization have used the name and image of Unesco WFUCA, Vatican UN and other companies without permission or attribution. These organizations are fraudulent.

Unesco WFUCA does not sell honorary titles, does not charge fees and does not request money in any circumstances.

Unesco WFUCA clarifies that it has nothing to do with these scam attempts or the people who carry out this type of activity.

Unesco WFUCA has taken legal action against those who intend to deceive or defraud third parties using their name.

Unesco WFUCA does not request data on bank accounts or any other type of personal information.

The office of "Unesco in Mexico", INEDE and Conalmex, have no relationship or power over this International Organization, therefore, they can not give an opinion or command statement of any kind, since they are not authorized under any international agreement, regarding who have made statements that violate the international law of respect for human rights.

For more information: https://www.un.org/en/sections/about-website/fraud-alert/index.html

Likewise we do not know and we have no relationship with the following people:

Gloria Enriqueta Patiño Serratos, José Antonio Bastón Patiño, Luis Maldonado Vengas, Manuel Jiménez Guzmán, Alejandro Avilés Reyes, Emilio Joel Romero Muñoz, José Arturo Hernández Herrera, Rubén Ángel Manríquez Salas, Rosalía Consuelo Baum Sánchez, José Alfio Figueroa Vázquez, Arturo Cruz Cabrera, Francisco Benjamín López Toledo, Gerardo Edmundo Viloria Varela, Enrique Rentería Castro, Iván Martín Del Campo Riebeling, Ramón Mondragón Sotelo, Jesús Nieto Campos, Luis Terrazas, María Nuria Sanz Gallego, Ricardo Aníbal Salas, Jazmín Lujano Téllez, Sandra Barona Fuentes, Rufino Irineo Roque, Armando Ochoa Ramírez y José Manuel Calderón Tirado.

Unesco WFUCA wishes to alert the general public about fraudulent activities, which are allegedly carried out on behalf of the Organization and its officials, through different entry mechanisms. Any transfer of funds or personal data provided to the authors of a fraudulent communication could lead to financial losses or identity theft. Victims of this type of fraud can also file a complaint with local law enforcement to take the necessary measures in this regard.

If you have any questions about the authenticity of an email, a letter or a phone call allegedly from Unesco, WFUCA, UN Vatican, its officials or sent on your behalf, write us a message before executing any action regarding communication received.

Report to the mail: security@unescowfuca.org


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