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In recent dates, people outside our organization have used the name and image of UNESCO WFUCA and other international organizations without permission or authority, these people or organizations use the information obtained from their victims to carry out influence peddling or commonly known as " COYOTES "or" SCAMMERS ".

Unesco WFUCA does not sell honorary titles, they do not charge fees and do not request money under any circumstances.

Unesco WFUCA clarifies that it has nothing to do with these scam attempts or the people who carry out this type of activity.

Unesco WFUCA has taken legal action against those who seek to deceive or defraud third parties using their name.

Unesco WFUCA does not request data on bank accounts or any other type of personal information.

The office of "Unesco in Mexico", INEDE and Conalmex, have no relationship or power over this International Organization, therefore, they cannot give an opinion or command statement of any kind, since they are not empowered under any international agreement, regarding that they have made statements that violate international law of respect for human rights.

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Welcome to the website Branch, We support the work of the Committee on NGOs of the United Nations Economic and Social, the intergovernmental body responsible for granting consultative status to non-governmental organizations (NGOs). In active consultative status, participation in meetings and events at the United Nations, accreditations and other matters is currently available in English, Spanish.

For up-to-date news and information about outcomes of key meetings and participation in activities and upcoming events at the United Nations, among others.

Funds, Programs, Specialized Agencies and Others.

The UN system, also known unofficially as the "UN family", is made up of the UN itself and many affiliated programs, funds and specialized agencies, all with their own membership, leadership and budget. Programs and funds are financed through voluntary contributions instead of quotas. The specialized agencies are independent international organizations funded by voluntary and assessed contributions.

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We have professionalism, the funds and the good heart of helping national and international organizations that look for us, the personal and international development of the human being.

Is a non-profit intergovernmental organization. Contributions made by individuals like you—are used for projects implemented by experts to protect World Heritage sites and project's around the world.

World Bank.

The World Bank Group is made up of 189 member countries; Its staff comes from more than 170 countries, and has more than 130 offices around the world. It constitutes a unique global partnership: the five institutions that comprise it work in the search for sustainable solutions to reduce poverty and generate shared prosperity in developing countries.

As of March 8, 2016, the asset portfolio consists of 18 projects (including six operations of the Global Environment Facility) for a net commitment of US $ 2,500 million.

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Associations and Associated Foundations.